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The Mango Inn was built with the atmosphere and feeling of the Western Caribbean in mind. We constructed the hotel entirely from wood with large airy rooms and huge porches, where guests can swing in hammocks and watch the day go by with a cool cocktail and a book at a true Caribbean pace.

The hotel is set in a classic Caribbean garden with coconut, canup, breadfruit, craboo, banana, lime and of course mango trees all about.

Built in 1997, the beautiful Mango Inn hotel provides visitors to Utila with an ideal environment to relax in and enjoy the island. The atmosphere and feeling of the Caribbean was very much in the minds of the designers and landscapers. Situated at the center of the village within easy walking distance of all the amenities of the island, the Mango Inn is surrounded by beautiful gardens creating a perfect tropical paradise.

The Mango Inn quickly gained a reputation as one of the best hotels in the region. Over the years, thanks to our green fingered team of landscapers and gardeners, the grounds of the hotel have grown into beautiful tropical surroundings that create a pleasant atmosphere where making friends comes naturally.