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Scuba Diving with Utila Dive Center

If you want enhance your diving skills, Utila Dive Center, a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center, has the options you look for. We offer training from Beginner to Pro and Tec levels, including popular specialties like Nitrox, Rebreather & Sidemount.

Resort boats are never crowded and don’t include students, scheduling dives in the morning and in the evening to fit your vacation needs.

Utila offers a wonderful variety for underwater adventurers. The reefs are packed with life and the corals are in pristine condition. It is not uncommon for divers to see rays, swim with dolphins and gasp with wonder as the biggest fish in the sea, the incredible whaleshark, goes by.

The diving around Utila has rightly become legendary amongst divers who like to break away from the “production line” diving which is unfortunately now becoming the norm in an ever more popular Caribbean. Things tend to move at a relaxed pace in the Bay Islands and in particular on Utila. Dive boats are never crowded and dive sites are strictly limited to one dive boat per buoy. You will never experience the feeling that there are more divers than fish!

Utila has some of its best diving just minutes from the town on the south side of the island. The shallow coral spur and groove formations are perfect for beginner divers. Sand patches abound and open water classes have plenty of space to practice their skills without damaging the fragile reef. It is hard to imagine a more ideal environment for those awe inspiring first visits to the underwater world. Every instructor working at Utila Dive Centre can tell stories of classes where nurse sharks or dolphins have passed close to wide eyed students just moments after they have been underwater for the first time.

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Also, please visit our award winning dive center Utila Dive Centre for more information on diving in Utila and the courses we offer.