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There are many fun and exciting things to do while staying at the Mango Inn on Utila.

We like our guests to make their own decisions on activities during their stay. Please review the list below for examples and remember some activities are subject to weather conditions.

Bicycles can be rented per day or for the entire length of your stay from several places on the island. There are also available 4 wheelers and golf carts.

Our Dive Center can cater for anyone that wishes to go snorkeling. Whether from our boats or from shore, we can definitely introduce you to the underwater world. The fringing reefs on the Southside of Utila are ideal for snorkeling or free diving, especially offshore from the old airport or at the other end of town at Blue Bayou.

There are several shops and stalls along the high street where you can purchase anything from hand made crafts to board shorts and souveniers.

There are beaches located all around the island of Utila but the most popular, Chepes Beach, is situated at the west end of town and is easily accessible by foot. At the east end is the start of the airport reef and the beaches along this coast line are smaller and more secluded but offer better views and snorkeling spots. To reach the rest of the beaches in Utila it is highly recommened to rent an ATV but the trip is well worth the feeling of having your very own beach with no development in sight – the north side of the island offers isolated beaches and the only people you will see here are the divers on the boats moored in the marine reserve off shore.

Cayos Cochinos
These islands, otherwise known as the Hog Islands are located between Utila, Roatan and the mainland. An ideal detination for a day trip, the waters in this area provide excellent dive sites and the islands themselves are great for nature lovers. One day dive trips can be organized at the Mango Inn.

Utila Cays trips
The Utila Cays are a collection of 12 tiny islets located off the southwest corner of the main island. It is possible to rent a private island – Sandy Caye and Diamond Caye both have a cabin available. If you wanted a complete escape from civilization, Water Caye is the ideal tropical beach paradise, several hundred metres long surrounded by piercingly blue water and coral reef- the only occupants here are the coconut palm trees to shade you from the Caribbean sun or support your hammocks.

During your time diving with us you will have access to our kayaks and our snorkelling gear free of charge at the Utila Dive Centre. Next to Blue Bayou is the southern entrance to the cross-island canal, ideal for an afternoon of kayaking. Bordering this waterway are lush mangroves that provide home to an array of wildlife, the most thrilling of which being the freshwater crocodile. Although sightings are not too common a glimpse of this large reptile is not unheard of. Half way up the canal is a small dock where a trail leads to Turtle Harbour Pond, the site of a small pre-Colombian ruin. On the north side of the island west of where the canal opens out are some secluded beaches for sunbathing or snorkeling.

Horseback/Hiking/ATV Tours
If you would like a break from water sports you could explore Utila’s bush covered wilderness on horseback, by foot or even on an all terrain vehicle. Aladdin’s cave is a popular destination with a large freshwater pool inside for cooling down during your mounted trip. On the north side of the island is Pumpkin Hill beach accessible by a 5km dirt road through the island. Much of the coast here is covered with fossilized corals and rocks but there are still plenty of good sandy spots for relaxing or snorkeling. Near the beach is Pumpkin Hill itself, 270 ft high and riddled with caves, one of which is the spacious Brandon Hill Cave, and local myth has it containing Pirates Treasure from centuries ago. Closer to town is Stuarts Hill, like Pumpkin Hill it is a former volcano. From the top are great views of town and the south side of the island, and nearby are the barely visible remains of a pre-Columbian ceremonial site.

Iguana Research and Breeding Station
If you need a break from diving this makes for an interesting expedition. Watch the several different species of bizarre looking swamp creatures feed and wander around their natural habitat. The station has several species of iguana including Ctemosaura baberi found only in the mangrove swamps of Utila.

A variety of jetskis are available for rent, ranging from 750cc to 1200cc. Prices depend on duration of rental and engine size and can be organised at Chepes beach just outside of town.

Water sports
Windsurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding are all common activities available to any of our visitors that would rather spend some time on the water instead of under the water. The prevailing easterly wind provides ideal conditions on the south side of the island for any windsurfing enthusiast. The Eastern Harbour Bay can play host to the perfect setting for water skiing and wake boarding, or for those looking for more of a challenge the waves off Iron Shore would make for some more serious action.

Stand-up Paddling
Stand Up Paddling is a great new activity on Utila – its perfect for enjoying our warm Caribbean waters, and anyone can do it!  Calm, warm, turquoise waters below you, gliding over the surface seeing the sea grass beds, coral reefs, and even a turtle or two….its really a fantastic way to enjoy the island and get great fitness benefits.