At Mango Inn, our partnering dive shop is Utila Dive Center. The leading training center with a wide set of courses, along the most full range of boats and the ability to get out to all dive sites, north & south side! A dedicated RESORT boat with a highly trained staff and Captains to take you to best locations!

Utila offers a wonderful variety for underwater adventurers. The reefs are packed with life and the corals are in pristine condition. It is not uncommon for divers to see rays, swim with dolphins and gasp with wonder as the biggest fish in the sea, the incredible whaleshark, goes by.

The diving around Utila has rightly become legendary amongst divers who like to break away from the “production line” diving which is unfortunately now becoming the norm in an ever more popular Caribbean. Things tend to move at a relaxed pace in the Bay Islands and in particular on Utila. Dive boats are never crowded and dive sites are strictly limited to one dive boat per buoy. You will never experience the feeling that there are more divers than fish!